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We offer a variety of hive products, each of which we use in our daily lives and strongly believe in. Elderberry Syrup, Propolis Spray,CBD Honey, Arnica Salve,Plantain Salve,Calendula Lotion and a Hydration Body Lotion.

 Elderberry Syrup

We have formulated the Elderberry Syrup to ward of the cold and Flu and to boost immune systems. There are many Elderberry Syrups on the market. What makes ours different? Well, we have studied and researched and tried many versions before coming up with this formula. It has a symbiotic relationship in all it’s components, working together to stimulate healing and immunity. Of course we understand that the health of the individual is more complex than “drink this and you will feel better”. Taking care of one’s self spiritually, emotionally, nutritionally, and physically is how healing and health can come to fruition. This Elderberry Syrup can be a part of this process.

How it works:

The apple cider vinegar works to balance the pH of your blood. When we are sick, the pH of the blood changes. The elderberries are full of antioxidants, that work to boost your immune system. The propolis has been proven to kill Staph,MRSA,VRE and Strep on contact. The propolis and honey are antibacterial and antiviral. The honey is full of nutrients to boost your immune system. Together these ingredients work to shorten the duration of the cold and flu as well as preventing them from even taking hold of your body. While we do not claim the Elderberry Syrup cures the Flu, it has proven in our lives to be a very successful deterrent. This formula is kid friendly. Children will love the taste!

We have had many people testify that they began taking the Elderberry Syrup when they began to “feel like they may be coming down with something” and after a day or two of the Elderberry Syrup, they were healthy again never came down with anything.

   Propolis SprayPropolis

Propolis Spray has been used in Europe for years to Kill Staph, Strep, MRSA, and VRE. European dentist still use this propolis to fill cavities. Many studies have been done proving it’s efficacy in dealing with viral as well as bacterial infections. Propolis is a substance made by the bees that is unable to be recreated in a lab. No one has been able to determine all the ingredients in propolis. The bees gather resins from trees and make a sticky substance to manage airflow, as well as to sterilize their hive.

Propolis Spray Uses:

Spray directly on the back of your throat at the earliest sign of a sore throat. Often colds can be prevented when this step is taken. The body sends increased blood flow to the back of the throat to fight off this foreign bacteria that is trying to enter the body. If it is allowed to enter your body, you get sick. Propolis kills the organisms that cause strep throat. It also works on skin infections as an antibacterial. We keep it in our first aide kit and never leave home without a bottle on hand.

NEW Product

  Hemp Infused Honey   CBD Honey

We are so excited to add CBD Honey to our product line. We source our CBD crude oil from Vermont Organics.

We have chosen to use the crude oils because they retain the turpenes, other waxes, as well as other medicinal components of Hemp. We loose out on the full benefits of any food or supplement when we try to break it down into parts. We are starting with a travel size, 2 0z jar, with 5mg of CBD per tsp of honey. This is a smaller dose for people just wanting to try it, or to take the edge off and slip into your tea. Our plans are to offer at larger 6 0z jar soon. We have it in three flavors; Natural, Orange and Peppermint.

What can CBD do for me:

CBD  is used to relieve pain, anxiety and seizures. Cancer patients often choose to take CBD instead of THC to relieve nausea.CBD offers the relief without making you high. CBD has been very useful as a sleep aide, as it  helps people quiet their busy mind. Others use it instead of pharmaceuticals to treat ADHD and help them slow down enough to focus.

Hemp oil contains omega-6 to omega-3, which is great for heart health. Current studies are looking at the uses of hemp extracts in regulating blood sugar is diabetics. There is still so much to discover.

People are now giving CBD do their pets to relieve pain and anxiety. Our dogs love honey and so what better way to give them CBD.

     Homemade Lotions and Salves

Our Lotions are handmade in small batches. They have absolutely no preservatives, save propolis. So the shelf life is three months. However, mine does last longer. I use the Hydrating Lotion after every shower. The Soothing Calendula is used on my face or where there are scars. I am healing from Fibromyalgia and suffer pain in my muscles. The Arnica CBD Salve is massaged in as needed. It is subtle. But works. It is great for sprains as well. The Healing Salve works great to heal wounds and prevent infections.

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