Mcfarline Sampler Package Deal/8oz Elderberry Syrup,1lb Honey,4oz Lotion,2oz CBD Honey and Free Propolis Spray


Get a sample of all Mcfarline Apiaries products with a Free Propolis Spray and Free Shipping. Our new CBD Honey included!!! One Elderberry Syrup, One Pound Raw Honey, Lotion or Salve of our choice, CBD honey of our flavor choice and free Propolis Spray. If you have a preference on Lotion or Salve then put that in the comments when you pay.

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A Great Opportunity to Sample Mcfarline Apiaries Products with our new CBD Honey and get a FREE Propolis Spray!!

You get:

1 Elderberry Syrup

1 Propolis Spray

1 CBD Honey of your flavor choice

1 Lotion or Salve of your choice

1 pound of Raw Honey from Treatment Free Bees


Total  53.50$ with Free Shipping