Lia’s Lotions – 4oz Hydrate Body Lotion


Repair Salve works on minor cuts and abrasions to heal and prevents infection. It contains Plantain Oil, Honey, propolis, juniper, lanolin and beeswax.

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Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera gel and Lanolin work together to hydrate the skin cells and lock in the moisture. The cells of your body will thank you and reward you with soft, radiant skin.

Rose Water and Oils smell amazing but also provides repair for damaged skin such as wounds, scars, wrinkles, and skin diseases. It promotes tissue regeneration, reduces scarring and slows premature aging. Rose is also a sedative. After a nice bath or shower, using this lotion all over your body, relaxes you for sleep or in preparation for the rest of your day.

Lavender is my absolute favorite smell. It works to stimulate circulation of blood and reduces mental stress and anxiety.

I use this after every shower to replenish the moisture my skin needs.

I created these lotions and salves in my kitchen with a basic knowledge from Rosemary Gladstar’s Book,”Herbal Recipes”. I began reading on essential oils and practicing herbal remedies. I am still learning and while I love the blends that I have created, I may find other relationships that work better in the future. The thing about learning is that it never ends. So I am just enjoying the fruits of my journey and I hope you will as well.

Please be aware that I use Propolis, wax and Honey from our own Treatment Free Apiary. Some flowers are gathered and sourced by us, others are purchased from vendors that I feel meet my expectation of quality and responsible harvesting. I do not use any preservatives in my products, thus they will not have an extended shelf life. If kept at a cool temperature below 60 degrees, they will last about 6 months. If you want to keep them longer, keep in a cool, dry place.

One other ingredient that I use is Lanolin. I use only a very small amount. If you think that you are allergic to wool and are afraid that this product will bother you, I would urge you to try a small amount in an area on your skin for several days before applying liberally. I find often, that most people who think they are allergic to wool, do not react to the lanolin in the lotions and salves. HOWEVER,

if you would like to try my lotions without the lanolin, just email me and I will whip you up a batch.

I look forward to any feedback.