Bee Nucleus Colonies

What is a Nucleus (NUC) colony, and how do we make our nucs? For our apiary, nucleus colonies are the continuum from generation to generation, the movement of life force that sustains. For the honeybee, this is accomplished via swarming or supersedure. We harness the reproductive energy in the honeybee making nucleus colonies with queen cells or queens, beginning in June and ending late July. Qualified breeding mothers are selected ( from our own bees and extant sources) to raise daughters from. These are in turn assessed over 1-2 years time for outstanding qualities in wintering, honey production, disease resistance and docility without the use of any medicaments whatsoever. Subsequently, any frailty at all with regards to parasites, immunity, or responses to nutritional stress are obvious and exceptional qualities of performance as easily ascertained. Culling is, therefore, a necessary part of our program, with the brood and bees recycled to make more nucs to assess and so on, ad infinitum. Our nucs are started with 2 deep frames of open and sealed brood, attending bees, a frame of honey pollen and bees and a frame of foundation. We use a divided deep so that each deep potentially contains 2 new colonies. If one fails to mate, I can easily combine to make a larger 8 frame nuc. Our spring nucs are 8 frames. The cost is $235 with the deep and $220 without the deep. Note: We DO NOT sell medium nucs or packages.

Availability of Overwintered Nucs For Sale

Overwintered Nucs: SOLD OUT!!
Cost: $235 with deep, $220 without deep.
When: May 2nd or May 10.
Equipment Needed: I grow my nucs into 2 (10 frames) deeps plus typically 3 mediums (at least) for honey storage. Optionally, you could grow this nuc into 2 deeps and split all the frames into 5-6 (3 frame nucs) or make larger single deep splits, etc. Availability of Summer Nucs For Sale

Summer Nucs: AVAILABLE
Cost: $165
What you get: 5 deep frames of brood and bees (one of these frames is foundation-less)
When: After June 21st. (To be announced) The first round of brood is sealed, the queen maturing, the queen calmer for transport. Our pickups are in the evening after the field force has returned, or dawn (before they start flying)

Where: 833 Park Hill Rd, Benson, VT 05743

How: Pick up in nuc box provided ONLY.

Transporting the nuc: Provide more than adequate ventilation in your equipment, without allowing the bees to move freely out of the box. When you get home, place the nuc in the exact location you wish them to live and remove screens, so the bees may freely ventilate and orient early the next morning.

Transferring: If you bring your nuc home in the nuc box, you will need to transfer to a deep within a few days.

Equipment needed: I grow these nucs into 2 deeps or a deep and a medium (and sometimes another super). These 1st season colonies LOVE to draw foundation (and or foundation-less).

Remember, my experience is inextricably tied to the landscape in which my bees live. Therefore, I cannot guarantee how big they will grow, just that they will grow beyond the container you buy from me. I do not plan to harvest honey from these first season colonies, but rather to allow for maximum brood nest expansion and self-provisioning for their first winter.

To place an order or for more details:

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