Lia’s Lotions – 16oz Arnica CBD Pain Salve


Arnica CBD Healing Salve is for sore muscles ,contains a great mixture of Arnica, Wintergreen and Pure Spectrum CBD from Hemp. This cost includes shipping!!!

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I chose a select few ingredients to aide in relieving Pain.

Arnica has been used for years to heal sprains and strains and to relieve pain.

CBD is a component of the Hemp plant that has analgesic effects. Topical application has been shown to relieve sore muscles, bursitis and arthritis pain. Our salve contains 500 mg of CBD per 80z jar.

Wintergreen is the ingredient in BenGay and other rubs for sore muscles, that causes a tingling sensation. It works to activate the tissues in that area and encourage blood flow, to rid the body of the toxins causing pain.

All of these ingredients are mixed with coconut oil and Treatment Free Beeswax.

Beeswax provides a protective blanket for your body to heal under. It holds in the healing ingredients of the salve and keeps out unwanted toxins.

We use this salve for Bursitis, sprains, general muscle pain, and arthritis.