Queen Bees For Sale (Northern & Vermont Raised)

queen bees for sale northern vermont

Photo by Kristinna Blanchard


Our queen bees for sale are available June 16th – August

Below are qualities of the northern queen bees for sale

1. The queens are bred from thriving survivors ( 2 winters old / best honey producers).

2. Emphasizing optimal nutrition and strength of cell builders combined with young age of grafted larva, leads to well developed virgin.

3. Emphasizing density and diversity of mature drones within mating distance leads to well mated queens.

4. All queens have 3 weeks in mating nucs except the first catch (TBD) ,which have 16 days.

5. We evaluate the brood viability, laying rate, and health of the queen bee.

Our mating nucs are limited this year so please plan to order well in advance.

We ship queens once per week. We take orders on a continual basis, but you must understand that until payment is received, we cannot ship your queens. If the payment does not come by the shipping day, your order will be bumped to the end of the list or the next catch if there is availability. A Verbal request or an emailed request will put you on our list as first come first served, but  DOES NOT guarantee that your queens will ship until payment is received. Unfortunately we must enforce this to ensure we receive payments.

We do understand emergencies. Therefore, we will provide Paypal as an option to make payments. This will require an additional 3% increase to cover the cut that Paypal takes from us(@ 0.90 per queen).


Cost of queens

1-10 queens  $30 each plus shipping.

11+ queens $25 each plus shipping


Payment must be made prior to shipping.

Paypal is an option , but you must call Tim first.

Please note: We do not take orders for queens online. You have to call us first. Our phone number is 802-537-3294. 

Mail all payments to:

Tim Mcfarline
833 Park Hill Road
Benson, VT 05743



Please call 802-537-3294 and leave a message with your order, and phone number and we’ll get back to you.

Orders are processed in the order we receive them so we may not always be able to send your queens when you want them.

Please get on the list as early as possible.

Refund of deposit

If we cannot provide your queen(s) in a timely manner for any reason we will refund your deposit.

Mcfarline’s Apiary will provide introduction instructions for your queens.

We are not liable for damage to your queen post introduction or for failure to properly introduce.


Queens are shipped with intention of getting them to you the next day, to be held at your Post Office for pick up

Shipping will be via USPS Express Flat Rate envelopes for 1-24 queens.$23.00

You do have the cheaper option of shipping priority, but this has no guarantee and is not recommended by us.If you use this shipping method we hold no responsibility for unreceived queens or the timing that you receive them. We have had them in the mail for over 10 days!!!$9.00(includes insurance)

For 24+ queens we will package in an Express box.

For orders in Vermont, queens are shipped Priority flat rate envelopes (which arrives next day).$9.00(includes insurance)

Shipping Monday-Thursday, only one shipment per week.

queen bees for sale northern hardy