We produce different products from our bee hives. Below are some of our bee hive products.

Propolis Spray-Coming Soon!!!

Soothing Elderberry Propolis Syrup 

This Product is great for preventing a cold, boosting your immune system,shortening the duration of a cold and even the FLU!!  I personally get use out of it for stopping acid reflux. It seems to be that the Honey,Apple Cider Vinegar and antioxidant rich Elderberries work to change the pH of your stomach, reducing the acid.

We harvest our own Elderberries and use organic gluten free alcohol to tincture our propolis.

$20.00 for an 8oz bottle plus 6.00 shipping. If purchasing more than one bottle,contact us,as shipping will not be 6$ a bottle. Up to four bottles the shipping will stay the same.  

Lia’s Lotions

Carefully created lotions and salves made with specific properties with healing and hydration in mind. We use our own wax and out source quality ingredients in our products. These lotions DO NOT have any preservatives in them, so will have a limited shelf life of three months. Mine last a lot longer, but I suggest refrigeration if not using daily. I am not sure why these lotions would not be part of your daily care of your body!! Enjoy!!

IMG_0207 IMG_0206  IMG_0186 IMG_0185  

This set includes all four of my current products;Hydration and Soothing Lotion, Healing and Repair Salve for $54.00.Shipping included.

Hydrate Lotion is great for daily use to prevent dry, itchy,skin.It contains coconut oil,aloe vera gel,rose water, as well as essential oils and

beeswax.     8 oz $12.00 plus $4.00 shipping                                                                 


8 oz Hydrate Lotion                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

 Repair Salve works on minor cuts and abrasions to heal and prevents infection. It contains Plantain Oil,Honey,propolis,juniper,lanolin and beeswax.(This can be special ordered without lanolin for those with allergies)             4oz for $14.00 includes shipping                                                                             

 4oz Repair Salve

Soothing Lotion works to reduce damaged skin and scars. It is gentle enough purposely to be used on the face. It contains Calendula,aloe vera gel,coconut oil,rose oil ,rosemary essential oils and beeswax.       8oz for $14.00 includes shipping


4oz Soothing Lotion

Arnica Healing Salve is for sore muscles and contains a great mixture of Arnica, Wintergreen and Birch Oil. This can be purchase in 16oz jars $20.00 or 8 oz jars for $12.00 plus $4.00 shipping           IMG_0208        

8oz Arnica Healing Salve

16oz Arnica Healing Salve