Raw Honey from Mcfarline’s Apiary, located in Benson,Vermont, is now available online, and can be delivered to your doorstep.

Our honey is raw, from treatment free bees, and the  taste is  amazing. One spoonful will keep you asking for more. 🙂

For any inquiries, questions, purchases, orders, please give us a call at 802-537-3294.

Or send us an email to tmcfarline2@yahoo.com

Click here to buy some of our vermont honey online

We Offer a variety of hive products, each of which we use in our daily lives. We have formulated the Elderberry Syrup to ward of the cold and Flu and to boost immune systems. There are many Elderberry Syrups on the market.What makes ours different? Well we have studied and researched and tried many versions before coming up with this formula. It has a symbiotic relationship in all it’s components,working together to stimulate healing and immunity. Of course we understand that the health of the individual is more complex than “drink this and you will feel better”. Taking care of one’s self spiritually,emotionally,nutritionally, and physically is how healing and health can come to fruition. This Elderberry Syrup can be a part of this process.

Our Lotions are handmade in small batches. They have absolutely no preservatives,save propolis. So the shelf life is three months. However, mine does last longer. I use the hydrating lotion  after every shower. The Soothing Calendula is used on my face or where there are scars. I am healing from Fibromyalgia and suffer pain in my muscles. The Arnica salve is massaged in as needed. It is subtle. but works. It is great for sprains as well. The Healing Salve works great to heal wounds and prevent infections.

Our bees are Never taken down south to warmer weather. They winter in Vermont or New York, as we have yards on both sides of the lake. We are very selective on the bees that are sold as well as the queens.We never sell anything that is questionable and nothing that we would not want in our own Apiary. We are working on some Free Beekeeping Videos about wrapping for winter and other parts of beekeeping.Stay tuned..


vermont honey

Photo by Kristinna Blanchard